Wasabi Ginger Rub


This Wasabi & Ginger rub is a fun and exotic change from traditional BBQ rub flavors. The bite of the Wasabi really sets this one apart. It is great on seafood and shellfish as you may imagine, but also really great on beef. I grilled up some tri tip cut down to steaks and grilled it up and wham, instant new favorite! You will want to buy more of our 1.5 ounce tins. The recipe is below

Grilled Tri-Tip Steaks with Wasabi & Ginger Rub

Serves 4 persons

4  6 to 8 ounce        Tri Tip Steaks trimmed to no more than 1/4 inch fat.

2 tablespoons        Soy sauce

2 tablespoons        Olive oil

4 tablespoons        Wasabi & Ginger Rub or more to taste.

                               black pepper if desired

Trim the  beef so there is no more than 1/4 inch fat on top. Sprinkle the steaks with half the Wasabi and Ginger Rub, allow them to sit for a few minutes then place them in a zip lock bag or bowl. Add the soy sauce and make sure it coats the steaks and mixes with the first half of the rub. Prepare your grill for medium high heat cooking.

Add the oil to the steaks to prevent sticking to the grill, place the steaks on the grill. As the steaks are grilling sprinkle them with the remaining Wasabi & Ginger Rub. Make nice crossed grill marks on your steaks. Cook to the desired temperature let rest for ten minutes before serving. This is great with traditional potatoes, but you may look at some fried rice for continuing Pacific rim theme. For a wine pairing I like a nice Zinfandel or big Syrah with this dish.

For other variations on this dish, try a nice top sirloin steak. If serving a crowd use a whole tri tip, step up the amount of rub that you use since you will just have the edges to impart the flavor. Just make sure to slice the tri tip across the grain, otherwise it will seem tough because it is not carved correctly.

Grilled Pacific Rim Lamb Loin Chops with Wasabi and Ginger Rub

Serves 4 persons

12 1 inch thick     Lamb Loin Chops no more than 1/4 inch fat

4 tablespoons     Wasabi & Ginger Rub

2 tablespoons     Soy Sauce

3 tablespoons     Olive Oil

Rinse the lamb chops and place on a plate. Sprinkle with the Great Spice Rubs Wasabi & Ginger rub, soy sauce and olive oil. Make sure the rub and liquids are evenly distributed on the chops. Allow them to marinate for a while and up to 4 hours.

Prepare your grill, with one nice hot zone and one indirect or lower heat area. Place your chops on the hot side and put nice criss cross grill marks on both sides. Since the chops are thick, move them to the cooler or indirect heat side to cook through.

I like to serve this with a exotic shrimp or langoustine fried rice garnished with a Japanese spice on top called Wasabi Furakake. Some sautéed very finely julienned zucchini is very nice for vegetable. For wine either a Zin, Syrah or Grenache works well.


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